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Figurelim™ Body Slimming Serum

Figurelim™ Body Slimming Serum

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Figurelim™ Body Slimming Serum

Figurelim™ Body Slimming Serum

Regular price $23.99
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Here are some amazing reviews from customers 

"I was very surprised by this product. I lost more than 98 pounds and this serum definitely helped me to shape my figure. The big belly has become the current small belly. My confidence has improved. Results are after 2 months of using."-Amanda Douglas, 25, Tucson, AZ

"I used to have a rounder body, and I used one month to lose 49 pounds. It was nothing short of a miracle to me. I couldn't believe it myself. I felt like a different person, and my friends thought I used some kind of magic. I don't have to worry about not being able to buy good-looking clothes anymore"-Kathy Garza, 30, Aurora, CO

Obesity is a very common condition

Modern medicine has repeatedly proved that obesity is closely related to hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and other diseases. As for the current methods of treating obesity, on the one hand, relatively harmful to the human body, and the process is also more painful; on the other hand, it is easy to rebound and the effect is not good.

Figurelim™- a novel natural weight loss serum

Aiming at the defects in the current technology, the object of Figurelim is to provide a novel natural non-side effect weight loss plant serum. Figurelim promotes the body's metabolism, burn more fat and calories, stimulates lymphatic circulation, help eliminate excess water and waste in the body, thereby reducing edema. It can reduce fat cells and enhance skin elasticity.

Advice from expert

"After using Figurelim for 30 days, 100 patients lost weight by 30-35 pounds without any rebound phenomenon. Their physical detection indicators were normal, and there were no allergies and adverse reactions. According to the evaluation standard, Figurelim has weight loss effect on human body and has no side effect." says Dr. Nicole Breus

What makes it special

Increase blood circulation, improve metabolism

Detoxification, eliminate the accumulation of toxins in the body and expel harmful substances

Improves lymph flow, activates meridians

Stimulate the activity of lipolytic enzymes, inhibit fat synthesis and burn fat naturally, targeted reduction of 80% fat cells

Reach the bottom layer of the skin, effectively shape a slim figure

How it works

It is used externally to stimulate local blood flow and metabolic rate on the skin surface, thereby promoting local fat burning and reduction, so as to shape the perfect body.

100% Natural ingredients

African mango. The extract obtained from its crushed seeds is used to create our essence. African mango seed extract is rich in soluble fiber and leptin.
Cactus contains a substance called propanedioic acid. It can regulate the secretion mechanism of the human body and the activity of lipase, and promote the rapid decomposition of excess fat.
Chlorogenic acid, also known as green coffee bean extract. It inhibits the absorption of fat, stimulates blood flow and reduces fluid retention.

Take A Look At Halle Lavrador's Ultimate Experience 

"Six months ago, I was diagnosed with severe depression. I took medicine for a long time, and the side effects caused me to gain weight severely. I was on the verge of collapse. At this time my boyfriend couldn't bear to break up with me, and my life became a mess. I vowed to have a change."
Week 1

"This is a photo after a week of using it. I lost 11 pounds. I can't believe its miraculous effect. I've been seeing the weight come off, and I feel so much better about myself. It's the exactly product I need. I will continue to use and witness its effects."
Week 2

"I've seen some pretty crazy things in my life—but THIS is up there. I've lost another 12 pounds, and I feel like I could take on the world. My limbs are much smaller, and the skin on my tummy has tightened up!"
Week 4

"This is unreal. Guess what, I have lost 48 pounds in one month since using it. My depression has almost disappeared. I have become particularly energetic and positive. My ex-boyfriend has been seeking to get back together after seeing my changes, but now I have more good choices."

How to use
Take an appropriate amount and apply
Gently massage into skin until fully absorbed.
For better results, you can use it twice daily, morning and night


● Product Name: Figurelim™ Body Slimming Serum (1ml + 3ml)
● Core Ingredients: African mango, Cactus extract, Chlorogenic acid and more
● Product Efficacy: Slimming, Firming and Toning Body
● Shelf Life and Expiration Date: See packaging label

Package Includes
● 1set x Figurelim™ Body Slimming Serum

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